What is the fluid? We use glycerin, FDA approved. This food additive is found in many recipes, the most common being frosting (or icing) on cakes. It is also used in some skin creams, makeup and lipstick. Others use animal-based glycerin or water combinations.

Will it make my feet hot? No! It will actually keep your feet cooler in summer and warmer in winter, similar to a car radiator, creating a thermal barrier. Glycerin is a "coolant" also found in some radiator coolants and anti-freeze. Cooling helps reduce inflammation and perspiration.

Will they break or leak? Our unique guarantee protects you against breakage of any kind, your fault or ours, for TWO YEARS. Even if you step on a nail or the dog chews them, we will replace them absolutely FREE!

How long will they last? The average life of our "SPORT-Professional" model is 24-48 months in hard use, depending on the person. We guarantee them for 2 FULL YEARS.

What if I wear orthotics? The Massaging InsolesĀ® should be placed on TOP of the orthotic. They will shape to the orthotic so as not to distort the function and will make the orthotic more comfortable. We recommend you continue wearing the orthotic if your doctor prescribed them.

If they break or leak, is the glycerin harmful? No! We use FDA approved glycerin found in many food recipes. If you have eaten a cake with frosting (icing), you have probably eaten glycerin. It is also found in many skin creams, make-ups and lipsticks.

Can I get a refund later? Because they are a personal wear item, we don't offer a refund. We will replace defective insoles absolutely FREE for TWO FULL YEARS! Some people need a longer break-in period than others. Please read all the directions included with the package.

Will they always feel this strange? Some people take to the insoles like ducks to water, others need a few days to become accustomed to the "different" feeling, somewhat like a new pair of shoes. Once you become accustomed to Massaging InsolesĀ® , you will only notice the pleasant feeling at the end of a hard day.

We have had reports from users of relief from the following: Heel Spurs, Poor Circulation, Calluses, Tendonitis, Bunions, Sore feet, Arthritic Joints, Lower back pain, Flat feet, Jarring Body Shock, Metatarsus Bone Spurs, Loss of Foot Padding, Profuse perspiration, Severe foot odor, Plantar warts, Pain from sprains and fractures, Working on hard floors, Spider Veins.

How do I wash them? Hand wash in warm or cold soapy water and AIR DRY. You can also machine wash warm or cold with your regular detergent, preferably in a laundry bag so they do not inadvertently get placed in the dryer-AIR Dry ONLY. Wash frequently (depending on use) to keep the insole free of dirt/grime and also to keep bacteria/odor free.