How They Feel: Our insoles may feel weird the first time you wear them in your shoes! (If they didn't feel different, they would be the same as ordinary insoles!) The weird feeling will not be noticeable after a few days, and will be replaced by the therapeutic benefits of wearing Massaging Insoles®!


Anti-Microbial treated to resist odor and mildew!

TRIM toe area only as needed to prevent crowding at the heel, this will allow your heel to press the glycerin filling forward with each step. Firmly work insoles into each of your shoes, until they lie flat and snug.

Non Toxic pure glycerin absorbs heel shock, protects bones and distributes your weight evenly. Experience the fantastic but gentle massaging on nerve endings in the bottom of your feet. The pure glycerin is distributed so every area will be supported, thus helping relieve pressure, reducing pain and discomfort.

Why Do I Need Them? Every day, the average person takes 18,000 steps. The impact force of thousands of pounds of pressure is sustained not only by the feet, but by the legs, knees, and back as well. Walking on hard surfaces, such as tile and concrete floors, compounds the strain on the body. Arthritis, heel spurs, corns, calluses, bunions, blisters or other conditions may form or intensify. The constant stress can result in vary degrees of discomfort, ranging from feeling tired to experiencing mild soreness and even pain. When you feel discomfort, the natural gait cycle is interrupted, posture is impaired, and the entire body is affected. Almost anyone on their feet can benefit from wearing Massaging Insoles® by BestSole Inc.!

How Do They Work? "pure Glycerin" creates a fluid cushion between the feet and the ground. The insoles sustain the impact, provide fluid shock absorption and counteract stress to feet, legs, knees, and lower back. The "velvet" layers serve as a moisture barrier which helps keep feet cool and comfortable, in addition to giving added cushion. The insoles have a soothing, massaging effect on the feet and have provided users relief from foot, leg and lower back pain and helped prevent reoccurrence.

Can I Wear Them In All My Shoes, During Any Activity? The insoles are perfect for use in any dress or casual shoe and are designed for standing, walking and sports. Since they are easily removed, they can be interchanged in all your shoes.

To wear in sandals: If you would like to wear them in thong sandals/flip flops, just follow the trim guidelines on the insole along the triangle guide so they will fit. To prevent sliding in your sandals, it is recommended that you use double side removable tape on the side facing the shoe insole

Can I Wear Them For Running? Yes! In order to work properly, the "pure Glycerin" needs to move from heel to toe to heel etc. They may be worn even for power walking, running and impact sports like basketball.

 Why Do They Work So Well? Massaging Insoles® work on a 2500 year old principle of physics, “fluid moves to the area of least resistance and greatest need” …Archimedes. The foot has alternating high and low pressure areas as it stands and walks. The high pressure areas simply push the fluid to areas of low pressure and equalize the distribution.