Shoe Orthotic/Arch Support




For people who want a little more support in their arches.  Our arch supports are designed to work alone or in conjunction with our Massaging Insoles.  The arch support is placed underneath our Massaging Insoles for maximum relief. Our orthotics fit as small as women’s size 6 and as large as men’s size 15.5





  Our arch support will -
  Stabilize the foot and improve balance.
  Assist our Massaging Insoles in relieving areas of the foot of excess pressure.
  Assist in realigning the weight-bearing joints, thereby, improving posture.
  Help to reduce pronation, which is the falling of the arch and the rotation of the foot inward.

Help in the relief of:

  Plantar Fasciitis
  Morton’s Neuroma
  Heel Spurs
  Low Back Pain
Size: Men: 4-15.5
Women: 6-13.5
Color: White
Qty in pkg: 1 Pair
Price: $39.95+ s&h