Summary of Massaging Insoles Customer Survey


During the months of September and October 2011, BestSole Inc. conducted a customer survey to determine the reasons why customers purchased our product, what ailments they suffered from and, most importantly, the % reduction in pain they experienced from wearing our insoles. A random sample of 100 customers participated in this 16 question survey. The respondents received the survey via email and responded likewise. The vast majority of the respondents were 35-74 years of age.

Customers Reasons For Purchasing Massaging Insoles:

Respondents were asked to identify the reasons why they purchased Massaging Insoles:

  • 42% purchased Massaging Insoles to alleviate pain in the feet.
  • 19% purchased Massaging Insoles to alleviate pain in the knees and back.
  • 22% had other reasons for purchasing the Massaging Insoles, which included a variety of ailments such as: bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, bunions, Morton's Neuroma, arthritis, hip and foot surgery, pain in the ball of the foot, burning and numbness.

   Feedback included:

  • they were on their feet all day and worked on concrete floors
  • the Massaging Insoles were so comfortable when they tried them on
  • their feet were tired and they wanted to feel better

Customers Experience A Significant Reduction In Pain Due To Wearing Massaging Insoles:

We were pleased to find out that Massaging Insoles provided the average customer a 60% reduction of pain in their feet, and an average of 52% reduction of pain in their knees, back and hips. For those customers who suffer from Neuropathy, they had a 46% reduction in pain.


Customer Comments Received In Response To Our Survey:

"I have tired, sore feet at the end of each day, especially if I am walking on concrete or tile. My insoles have made all the difference. I love them. They made a huge difference in my disposition and happiness, not to have my feet hurt." LB, Richland, WA

"I love the Massaging Insoles. I can be on my feet all day and not be in pain. Thanks." BH, Midlothian, VA

"These inserts are great! They provide a massage while you walk or while you stand still. They even make your feet feel cooler." MH, Fort Worth, TX

"The best I have ever tried for those who work on their feet all day." LB, Bloomington Spring, TN

"I have tried so many other products but have never gotten relief. Since wearing my Massaging Insoles both of my feet have become pain free." LP, Manassas, VA

"Easy to fit in a shoe, oh so comfortable, extremely effective at relieving pain and improving the healing of injuries. LOVE THEM!" AH, Hart, MI

"I am on my feet all day and before Massaging Insoles would be very tired by noon. Now I’m able to work the whole day without discomfort." RM, Loomis, CA

"I have tried other brands and think that these are the BEST!" GL, Boynton Beach, FL

"Your insoles are better than anything I had tried in the past." DS, Laredo, TX

"Tried everything from store bought to specially-fitted, all to no avail until Massaging Insoles." DW, Lookout Mountain, GA

In Summary:

The results of our survey showed that Massaging Insoles greatly reduced the level of pain or discomfort felt by our customers, not just in their feet, but also in their knees, hips and back. Customers, without any significant discomfort, stated that wearing Massaging Insoles still made them feel better, with increased energy, throughout the day.

Massaging Insoles

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