It's rare that I write to a company about a product they sell. However, your insoles have been a lifesaver to me! I had purchased every insole that even looked like it might help, but NONE of them worked! My Dr's wife showed me a pair of your insoles that she had bought and raved about how much better she could stand and walk. I have to admit I wasn't too impressed by their appearance! But because I had literally tried every other product I figured I would try ONE more, or resign to have to quit my job because of the intense pain. What a miracle! The day after I received your product, I noticed a difference! These weird looking insoles really worked! My pain lessened each day until now, with the insoles, it is GONE! What a wonderful thing to be able to walk and work without pain! It has been such a difference I can't praise your product enough! Thanks and God Bless you for improving my health! Mrs. Judy L C., La Follette, IN

“Your Massaging Insoles are the best insoles I've ever bought. They are what save me at work when I have to stand and walk 10-12 hrs a day. People wonder why I'm the only one who doesn't complain about achy feet. The insoles have helped my posture when walking which helps my legs, knees, back and neck feel better. The scoliosis in my back does not even bother me after a day of walking in your insoles. I love Best Soles Inc Massaging Insoles!!” Dustin C., Chico, CA

“ I would like you to know how well I like your product. I have Diabetes, and sometimes I feel like I am walking in rocks. Your insoles are a tremendous relief. I have tried different Dr. Scholls products, but they do not compare to yours. Thank you.” Steven Jones, El Paso TX

“I absolutely love them. My friend and I have turned several others onto them. They are just wonderful for your feet and legs.” Janice Kiersey

“These insoles have been quite helpful. I am on my feet the better part of the day. Our sales person was very helpful.” Niles Peasley, Normal IL

“I would like to tell you that I have tried many different products to help alleviate the pain that I have in my feet. I stand on concert floors for my job and have Raynaud’s Disease. Thank you for a great product.” S. Lenz Eagle ID

“I got my first pair at the PGA Show and have really enjoyed them. It took me a few months to actually use them but I’m now going to try them in all my shoes.” Jaen

“My son uses one pair in the Navy. Boot Camp marches were made easier with these.” John Dacierno, Laguna Nigel CA

“I have NEVER found anything like them. You HAVE to forever keep making them! A few months ago, I had a nail in my shoe and one of them went flat. Within a day or so my whole body felt out of alignment-I guess. I couldn’t wait for my new pair to arrive! I have always had problems with my feet and I have worn othodics.” Sharon Wilkerson, Victoria British Columbia

“I love your product and since my first purchase, I have purchased two more pairs. I have a broken vertebrae, L-5, and have three bulging discs. Because of the broken vertebrae, neural surgeons will not operate until I “get a lot worse”. Your insoles have been a godsend. I can’t explain the joy and relief one feels when one is pain free-even if it’s just for a few hours each day. Thank you so much for your product.” Tom Farris, Terre Haute IN

“Please send me information on how to order additional pairs of this insole. My husband says they were the most comfortable insoles he’s ever had & for the first time in years his feet do not hurt. Thanks.” Donna Keehn Louisville KY

“Thank you! I love your product! Why didn’t my podiatrist know about your product?” Cliff S.

“The Therapeutic Massaging Insole is great. We enjoy very much using them.” Haberman Anat Isreal

“My husband and I love this product. Our feet have not felt this food in a long time. Please hurry and send them as soon as possible. Thank you.” Yolanda Burch

“Thanks for an excellent quality product!” Norma Ruhling

“Thank you, I have really enjoyed wearing these insoles. They have been very comforting to my feet. Thank you again.” Blaine Keaver

“Thank you! I love mine!” Mary Ellen Anderson

“I work as a nurse and they have felt great. Thank you!” Judy Evans

“I am a 25 year old male who has had 2 back surgeries due to ruptured disks at L5S1. The results from your product were great. Since I am on my feet most of the day the insoles have reduced the impact on my back while comforting my feet.” Chad Keim

“I broke my fifth metatarsal (a Jones fracture) on my right foot 5 months ago. It healed slowly and just as I thought I was OK, I re-aggravated the injury two weeks ago. I was able to walk, but with a painful limp and significant discomfort. I was really frustrated at my circumstances. I then went to a trade show as a booth representative. This required me standing 8 hours a day. On day one (the first of three), I was in serious pain within the first 2 hours. I was in deep trouble with no resolution in sight. Then on the way to the restroom I passed your booth. As a measure of desperation, I quickly shelled out $30 for one pair. I was willing to try anything at this juncture. It was the best $30 I spent in years. At first, they felt quite strange, but I easily got over this because from the very moment I put them on, the pain ceased to exist completely. It has now been six days since my purchase of the product and I remain TOTALLY pain free. This means that instead of being aggravated and slow to heal, my foot is now pain-free and slowly healing each and every day I wear them. I see it as an act of divine intervention that you people happened to be in my path that day. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for restoring a major portion of my previous quality of life.”Allan Gold, Atlanta GA

“I do believe that the insoles have made a difference in helping relieve aches and pains in feet, knees and hips. Use them all the time in all shoes, including daily walks. Thanks for your help.” Harold Weddle, Katy TX

“Dear Gods of foot and back pain relief. I love your product . My wife is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines and she loves the insoles too. Thanks.” Tim Ellrich, Burns TN

“I suffer from arthritis in my left knee, and this morning I had my first run in the insoles. After 5 miles at a good pace, there were no troubles. I normally run in a knee sleeve, but that wasn’t necessary this morning. Usually after a morning run my knee is very sore for several hours, but this morning it is hardly aching at all. I have been wearing my insoles for 3 full days now, and am noticing distinct improvement in my flexibility and comfort.” Scott Tankard

“I was working for ESPN as a camera man and bought the insoles at the Bassmasters. THEY ARE WONDERFUL! I tell everyone I know about them. As a camera man on his feet on concrete or running up and down the football field with 25 lbs of camera on my shoulder for three hours at a time my feet kill me after the show is over. Those days are gone.” Walter Bennett, Charlotte NC

“These things are awesome! I wear these in all my shoes. My husband even wears them in his ski boots! They are great!” Sherrie Williams

“As a letter carrier here in the hot state of Arizona, I was very pleased with my new insoles. I was bragging to everyone, and enjoyed “gelling”.” Nancy Davids, Casa Grande AZ

“I purchased a pair at an event in NC. I work for the Lakeland Police Department in Lakeland FL. You changed my life. After just one day, my feet no longer hurt after directing traffic. Great product. Thank you bunches.” Becky Swick, Lakeland FL

“A testimontial-I purchased in Orlando in January. The sales person indicated that I would find relief from my plantar fascitis in 4-6 weeks-Not only did I find relief but I found walking to be enjoyable again. More importantly I took my insoles with me to China for a long trip, which included a climb up the Great Wall in Beijing. With out the insoles I would never have made the climb. The investment is worth it and the insoles do deliver as prescribed.” John Skaff

“Thank you so much for your quick response. The representative called me at home last night and she will bring a pair to work for me. I am really impressed with your customer service. Some companies could learn much from you…..” Angie Howard

“Thank you for such great service and product. My knee feels much better when I walk and it doesn’t ache by the time I get home. I now know I couldn’t live without them. I now own 2 pair. It is a pleasure to find a company with such great service.” Ted Chunoff

“I was experiencing plantar fasciitis in both feet for the previous year. After about 4 weeks, the pain had tremendously decreased. After eight weeks, the pain is almost non existent. My boyfriend who is an auto technician is on his feet all day six days a week. He was very reluctant about making the purchase and now he will not take a step without his insoles. He loves them! We recently each bought an additional pair. I also want to thank your company for replacing the full pair of insoles for the one that was “eaten” by the washing machine. The customer service was very much appreciated. It is easy to find a company with good customer service or product but not as easy to find a company with BOTH excellent product and customer service! Your product and company comes highly recommended by us! Thanks!” TD Jinks

“I have diabetes and my feet get numb sometimes and your soles are really good and help my feet a lot. You have a great product and a great guarantee. I would recommend you to anyone.” Andy Delong

“I am writing this letter to let you know how grateful I am for your product. For as much as I have spent for 40 years on other products that didn’t help at all. Wearing these for 3 days I can already tell a difference in my feet. If I could afford them I would own a pair for all my shoes. Thank you for a product that really works.” Robert Weaver, Lexington NC

“I just ordered 3 new pair-one for me, my husband, and now my son. My son has plantar faciitis, as I do, and when walking for extended periods of time our feet really are happier.” Patricia Olson, Curchville NY

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Enough can not be said about your product and the amazing positive results it has given me. I referee college and professional basketball so I put a lot of high intensity mileage on my feet. Your insoles have given my legs and feet great relief. I tell all my fellow officials about the benefits and encourage them to try a pair. After trying a pair they all say the same things, “My legs don’t hurt anymore and I could run all day”. As an official, I have tried many insole products over the years and they have always failed on their promises of easing pain and discomfort so needless to say I was skeptical. I purchased my first pair from a very upbeat representative who begged me to try them and promised me amazing results. He delivered on every one of his promises. My pain in my legs, feet and back have dramatically decreased and have allowed me to continue what I love to do and that is to officiate basketball. Thank you again for an amazing product!” Greg Taylor, Richmond VA

“The insoles are absolutely great! I have bragged & bragged until I have talked 5 other people into trying them. Plus a pair for my skeptical husband, because I know he will love them. I am on my feet for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week on concrete. The difference with using the insoles is unreal. Thank you!” Carmen Morgan

My husband is on his feet constantly. These were the only inserts that seem to help him the most. He is on his feet 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week (on concrete), he walks a lot too. I am very pleased with these inserts. I just wanted you to know.” Linda