Where are the Massaging Insoles® made?

We are proud to say our Massaging Insoles® have always been made in the USA. Our manufacturing facility is in Linn County, Kansas.


What is the fluid inside?

We use FDA approved pure glycerin. This food additive is found in many recipes, the most common being cake frosting. Non toxic and vegan, it’s also used in some skin creams and makeup.


Why Do I Need Them?

Every day, the average person takes 18,000 steps. Walking on hard surfaces, such as tile and concrete floors, compounds the strain on the body. The constant stress can result in varying degrees of discomfort, ranging from feeling tired to experiencing soreness and pain not only in the feet, but in the legs, knees, and back as well. When you feel discomfort, the natural gait cycle is interrupted, posture is impaired, and the entire body is affected. Almost anyone on their feet can benefit from wearing Massaging Insoles® by Best Sole LLC.


How Do They Work? 

Pure glycerin creates a fluid cushion between the feet and the ground. The insoles sustain the impact, provide fluid shock absorption, and counteract stress to the feet, legs, knees, and lower back. The "velvet" layers serve as a moisture barrier which helps keep feet cool and comfortable, in addition to giving added cushion. The insoles have a soothing, massaging effect on the feet, as well as being antimicrobial treated to resist odor and mildew.


Why do they work so well?

Massaging Insoles® work on a 2500 year old principle of physics: “Fluid moves to the area of least resistance and greatest need." - Archimedes. The foot has alternating high and low pressure areas as it stands and walks. The high pressure areas simply push the fluid to areas of low pressure and equalize the distribution.


Will they always feel this strange?

Some people take to the insoles like ducks to water. Others need a few days to become accustomed to the feeling, somewhat like a new pair of shoes. The “different” feeling will only last a few days. After that, you will only notice the pleasant feeling at the end of a hard day.


How long will they last?

The average life of our insoles is 24-48 months in hard use, depending on the person. We guarantee them for 1 full year.


What happens if they break or leak?

Our unique guarantee protects you against damage from normal use for one year from the original date of purchase.

Will it make my feet hot?

No! It will actually keep your feet cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Glycerin is a "coolant". Cooling helps reduce inflammation and perspiration.

What if I wear orthotics?

The Massaging Insoles® should be placed on top of the orthotics. They will shape to the orthotics so as not to distort the function and will make the orthotics more comfortable. We recommend you continue wearing the orthotics if your doctor prescribed them.


Can I wear them in all types of shoes? During any activity?

The insoles are perfect for use in any dress or casual shoe and are designed for standing, walking and sports. Since they are easily removed, they can be interchanged in all your shoes.


Can I trim my Massaging Insoles®?

The Massaging Insoles® may be trimmed at the toe area only. Determine the correct length of the insole and then cut along the imprinted lines. Do not cut below the last imprinted line of the toe area or along the sides or heel area. You can also trim our insoles to fit in flip flops by cutting along the line and triangle located in the toe area with a pair of scissors. You can determine where the glycerin begins by pushing the liquid up from the heel to the toe area by sliding a pencil along the insole. Where it stops puffing up is the end of the liquid bladder.

To wear in sandals: If you would like to wear them in thong sandals/flip flops, just follow the trim guidelines on the insole along the triangle guide so they will fit. To prevent sliding in your sandals, it is recommended that you use double side removable tape on the side facing the shoe insole.


How do I wash them?

Hand wash in warm or cold soapy water and air dry. You can also machine wash warm or cold with your regular detergent, preferably in a laundry bag so they do not inadvertently get placed in the dryer. Air dry only. Wash frequently (depending on use) to keep the insoles free of dirt and grime, and also to keep them bacteria/odor free.


What is the refund policy

Because they are a personal wear item, we don't offer a refund. We will replace defective insoles for 1 full year from the original purchase date. Some people need a longer break-in period than others. Please read all the directions included with the package.